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Welcome to Last Men Standing – FAITH !

Last Men Standing - FAITH

“Return to Eden” – INSIGHT

Pilots! Now, I know what everyone does (and think) when they see the new Special Operations Mission “Return to Eden”: “Hey, there’s a new Spec Ops here, and 500 Iridium for 1st win, and 1000 Monocrystals plus Xenocrystals each for the Tournament! No way I’m gonna pass this on!” and charge straight in, but only to get a handful of “Defeat”.

I’m feelin’ ya. Well, here’s a few ways that MIGHTâ„¢ help you get that sweet delicious Iridium and ‘Crystals!

First off: Sometimes, during the mission, a spire pops out, occasionally smashing your unfortunate-ship-that’s-right-above-it to pieces, right? You see those glowing balls of weird glowing “Crystals” attached to the spire and sending annoying alien particles at your ship, sometimes wrecking your ship? Just remember 2 words: BLAST EM. After you dig out enough of the Crystals, they’ll just hang around in space. Stop that, and push those to the “Defiant” (the Dreadnought)’s Cargo Bay (behind, bottom), indicated by a shimmering, glowing ring. What do you mean “how to push”? Just ram your ship into the “Crystal” towards the Cargo Bay! Just make sure you don’t trash your ship’s hull too badly during this process, or you’ll go ka-boom. It’s best to use a Fighter (preferably Command as they have a significantly higher durability than Tacklers), as other ship classes tend to lack the balance between speed and durability.

Second: Why is dragging that stuff so important? Remember the “Resonating Slugs”, “Resonating Charges”, and “Resonating Crystals”? They work exactly like that. They double the Dreadnought’s Major Calibers’ damage to Alien Ships. I did a close recon to the “Devourer”‘s face once (handsome, but NOT up close, I’ll explain why in just a moment), and I shockingly, found that there were 2 Emitters, and I don’t mean the soft ones that shoot the weak particles. I’m talking about Defiler-grade Emitters that can trash your ship in just a few hits. They don’t have any visible HP at all, so the only possible explanation is that they can only be destroyed by the “Defiant”‘s Major Calibers, which is also why the Crystals are useful for 2x the damage.

Third: Many players are probably questioning when Lt. Ramirez says, “… Reload our main Calibers manually!” This means that you have to park your ship right where one of the Calibers have 2 “Activate” markers. You’ll have to reload the Calibers (“build” mechanism).

Fourth and Last (EXPERIMENTAL): “Highlighting.” This raises many, many questions, and no, even I don’t know what Lt. Ramirez and Arklette Sokal are talking about when they say “Highlight the targets!”. My best guess is to “ping” the targets, but exactly how to do it, I have no idea.

Feel free to comment and/or correct a few mistakes that I made in this post! Questions are also welcome, but ask RennieAsh in the Corp chat if possible as s/he has a lot of experience in this!

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